Happy Veteran's Day, everyone!  I hope you all played a lot of Modern Warfare 2 to honor our troops.   Nothing says 'thank you' quite like a predator missile.


This week on Gossip Girl, the controversial, much-talked-about threesome finally took place.  And it included a grand total of three PG kisses (watch here).  Lame.  If you want me, I'll be watching True Blood, where someone f*cks every single episode. (Egotastic)

Last week, rumors hit of a Jennifer Lopez sex tape.  This week, we learned that the tape (made when JLo was 28), features JLo in skimpy clothing and, more importantly, fighting with her motherEVERY MAN'S FANTASY! (WWTDD)

Jets receiver Braylon Edwards was denied this week, after Rihanna refused a $10,000 bottle of champagne that he sent to her table.  So Rihanna is like the New Orleans Saints in this scenario?  Or the Dolphins?  Or the Bills, I can't decide. (Celebslam)

Nicolas Cage owes $6 million in back taxes and is now suing his money manager.  Because I'm sure his money manager is the one who told him to buy two yachts, a jet, three castles, two islands, 12 mansions and a dinosaur skull. (IDLYITW)

Looks like Angelina Jolie has set her sights on another adoption, and Brad Pitt is not taking it well.  Aw, what's the matter, Brad?  Seven kids too many for ya?  Tired of feeling like Ban Ki Moon every day?  Pshh, and you call yourself a man. (WWTDD)

Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year this week at the CMAs and swept all other awards she was nominated for.  Take it easy, music industry.  The last time we gave anyone this much power, he attempted to eradicate a race.  (IDLYITW)

Remember last week when Michael Lohan released an audio tape of Lindsay crying?  Well apparently he has a whole set, and is determined to release them all.  Now she's a cutter who used to date Heath Ledger.  Daaad!  You're emBARrassing me! (WWTDD, IDLYITW)

Cleave of the week this week goes to Mariah Carey, who DOUBLED UP on the cleave this week to make up for last week's bikini pictures.  From zero to hero indeed. (Hollywood Tuna, Celebslam)

A clip from Jessica Alba's upcoming film 'The Killer Inside Me' leaked this week in which her bare arse gets spanked by Casey Affleck.  It's classier if you say 'arse', right? (Egotastic)

Dual nips slips this week!  First we have a see-through performance from Rihanna, who is a bit of a repeat offender, but then we also have Eva Mendes, who despite being new to the club is already the president. (Egotastic, Hollywood Tuna)

Mike Tyson was placed under citizen's arrest this week by a paparazzi that he punched.  I'm sorry, but if you're a paparazzi, shouldn't you just generally avoid professional boxers?  Seems like that should be Page 1 of the Paparazzi Handbook.  Page 2 is don't mess with James Gandolfini while he's trying to take his kids trick-or-treating (video). (Celebslam, IDLYITW)

Apparently Justin Timberlake decided that his life just wasn't awesome enough, because he and Jessica Biel now have a 'friends with benefits' arrangement.  Um, Jessica?  Yeah hi, you're Jessica Biel?  You don't have to do this bullshit anymore.  That's for insecure college girls. (Celebslam)

Here's a clip of Jennifer Love Hewitt playing a stripper in a recent episode of her show The Ghost Whisperer.  Coincidentally, this is also the most you'll ever watch of The Ghost Whisperer. (Popoholic)

Still Got It this week goes to the lovely Jennifer Garner, who was caught this week making this lovely face.  Still Got It! (Hollywood Tuna)

And last but not least, next week will be the last issue Pop Culture QuickNotes.  That's right, we're going to the way of Dollhouse.  But it's been fun!  As a way of saying thanks for reading, here are four of the biggest boobs I've ever seen.  (IDLYITW)