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Hey, annoying-as-hell roommate that insults everyone she meets and wonders why she has no friends. You haven't washed a single dish since moving in, you take my food, you forget your keys and text me nonstop to open the door at 4 am, and you visited Japan once and think it gives you the right to slurp your soup as loud as you can. I put salt in the soil where you've been trying to grow a bonsai tree. You're not Asian. You never will be. Shut up and wash your god damn dishes.

Jenna S., University of Victoria

Hey, remember how you and your friends tormented me the entire year by deliberately throwing parties in the room above my bedroom when you knew I had work the next day? And then remember how when I was out of town, you all got a little out of control and started stripping and taking photos? And how someone was stupid enough to post them on facebook? Yeah, I know you had them deleted, but not soon enough. I have them, and I'm sending them to your boss. Enjoy unemployment.
Vicki, School Not Given

You know, I've been really cool to you in the interest of not having friction. I buy all the food, I spot you when you can't come up with the rent because you're a useless pothead who has no sense of priorities. I've even put up with you calling us Marines "braindead sheep of the machine" or some shit like that. I fought in Iraq twice, but I've let it slide because you said it drunk, and I can easily ignore it. What I couldn't ignore, however, was all of MY food you keep eating. I've asked you nicely, and I've warned you. Then all of a sudden, I oddly stopped caring. Good for you, right? Do you know what Premarin is, or the moderate difficulty it takes to obtain it, or even the cost it takes to lace all my left overs with it? I do. Yeah, that mysterious "weight gain" in strategic spots… maybe you shouldn't mess with other people's shit. Sleeping with my now ex fiance didn't help your case either ass.
Anonymous, School Not Given

Hi, whore! You know how much you love to shop for shit you don't really need (who needs 7 spatulas… really) when I pretty much have to force you to pay your bills as is? Everything you seem to purchase and forget about or use only once or twice just to discard to the garage (again, why a new Christmas comforter every damn year?) I took it upon myself to actually put them to good use and make a hefty donation when the thrift store trucks come around. You always comment on the amount of bags that sit on the curb and say something unselfish yet totally void of sincerity like "Yeeeeah, I need to clean out my closet" but never do. Well, now you can unknowingly help those less fortunate while I continue to collect the tax write off. Cheers!
Sarah, Arizona State

Suite Mate — remember how you would leave your bloody pads floating in the toilet? Remember how we all asked you to stop doing that (because first, you shouldn't ever flush them, and second because you were LEAVING them in there overnight for them to fester and reek up the bathroom) and you refused? I do. That's why we collected them, put them in bags, and dumped them in your car. Hope you like driving four hundred miles home surrounded by the smell of piss and rotten cooter.
S.H., School Not Given

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