1. Pogs

The game that made little to no sense to most children, "playing" Pogs prepared us for many a drinking game that's only purpose is social interaction. Oh, what's that? That cute girl with no hand/eye coordination needs a beer pong partner? Yeah, she was the same girl that you let get the better shooter trade in kindergarten. Also,assuming you actually played pogs, the intensely focused wrist-snap motion should have warmed you up for flip cup.


2. Furbies
Sure, they were extra creepy/hairy, but honestly, what roommate isn't? While being somewhat demanding during the day, it wasn't until nighttime rolled around that they all of a sudden got extra needy for attention. So, the next time your roommate feels super talkative and you need your sleep, remember what worked for those little furry bastards and stick your roommate in the closet with a shirt over their head. They'll shut up soon.


3. Guess Who?
Do you...have a beard? Are you...wearing glasses? Did you...used to live in that dorm by that one dining hall? Have we...slept together?Sometimes awkward questions can be difficult to ask, but luckily,Milton Bradley's Guess Who taught us it was okay to sometimes ask the obvious. It also really helps if you go to a college with vaguely-child molester-esque guests that have outrageous hats. And a complete lack of racial diversity.


4. Easy Bake Oven
It basically did what most college ovens can do - bake brownies. With only a few ingredients that you dig up and limited knowledge of anything related to baking, you, too, can make some shitty little cakes. Sure, Easy Bake Ovens couldn't make frozen pizzas, but at least you don't have to share with your sister anymore.


5. Tamagotchi
The ultimate test for handling a drunk friend, in electronic form. You have to be ready to deal with all of the emotions, without warning, on an extreme scale - including spontaneous "accidents." What if your Tamagotchi falls asleep in the middle of eating? You turn it off and come back to it later, just like an inebriated friend. And just like Tamagotchis, if something unfortunate happens with your friend there's always a reset button...wait.