(Gary is carrying a huge cardboard box when Stan walks up to him.)

Stan: Gary! Finally moving to the big city, eh?

Gary: Hey Stan! Thanks for helping me move into my new apartment,

Stan: Yeah, no worries! I brought a buddy with me, hope that's ok!

Gary: Yeah the more the better!

Stan: Great! There he is! Hey Kermit, get over here!

Gary: Kermit?

(Kermit the Frog walks over.)

Kermit: Kermit The Frog here!

Stan: Gary, this is Kermit. Kermit, this is Gary.

Kermit: It's nice to meet you.

Gary: Uh… yeah. Here, Kermit take this box upstairs.

Kermit: Okey Dokey! This is going to be great! Yayyyyyy! 

(Kermit takes box and walks inside building.)

Gary: Uh, Stan. What's up with the guy?

Stan: What do you mean?

Gary: Your friend, Kermit. He's a frog.

Stan: Dude, don't go there!

Gary: I'm just saying, he's made of felt.

Stan: What is your problem?!

Gary: What do you mean, what's my problem? I'm not the one made of cloth!

Stan: That cloth guy is helping you move!

Gary: And I'm thankful! I'm just pointing things out, he has no eyelids!

Stan: Whatever. (Grabs another box.) Let's just get this done. (Walks inside Building.)

Gary: What?! C'mon Dude! Jesus! (Grabs a box.)

(Miss Piggy walks by.)

Miss Piggy: Why hello! I was wondering if you've seen my Kermie!

Gary: What?

Miss Piggy: My hubby told me he was going to be here.

Gary: Uh… I dunno.

Miss Piggy: Listen up boney! If you see a frog come by you tell him, to call Piggy! (Walks down the 

Gary: This place is SO weird. (Gonzo and Fonzie walk down the street talking to one another.) What the hell is going on with all these puppets?

Kermit: I heard what you said.

Gary: Jesus! Kermit! I was just…

Kermit: I heard what you called me.

Gary: What? A puppet? That's what you are!

Kermit: No! You don't use that word! You want to call me something you call me a Muppet! It's people like you that keep Muppets down! Henson dammit!

Gary: Uh…

Kermit: You know what? No! I don't care! I MC at a theater! I'm a big deal!

Gary: I'm… I'm just going up to my place. (Grabs a box and leaves.)

Stan: Hey Kermit I'm sorry about Gary, I didn't know he was like that.

Kermit: Don't worry about it. At least he's not from Sesame Street. Those F%$^(&s can rot there.