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My boyfriend corrected me when I sang the wrong lyrics to Taylor Swift's "You Belong to Me" in the car.
-Nicole, UNCW

I'm not a hairy guy, and as my relationship with my girlfriend progressed I started slacking a bit on my trimming duties. While selfishly insisting that she keep to her strict (and quite painful, she insisted on reminding me) grooming regimen, I slowly adopted a more natural look. About six months in, we had a… falling out. Though it only lasted about three weeks, there was some debate as to whether or not it had formally constituted a "break" in our relationship (I'd asserted that it had). As we continued on with our make-up romp, and she started inching south, I experienced a sudden moment of anticipatory terror. Though her body language changed completely and permanently in the seconds that followed (I will never forget the look she gave me), my pristine new cock-and-balls package went over without comment. At the time I was surprised and even grateful for her silence, though now I understand. As I'm sure she gathered, her knowledge of my intention — to "re-gift" myself — over our brief split, is far more difficult for me to come to terms with if kept tacit.
-Nick, Monterey, CA

I had dated a girl for a little over a month and we got invited to one of her friend's Halloween party. We got there at different times and she had been there for 30 minutes before she even talked to me. She then avoided me the rest of the night. Two days later she told me through text that no matter what anyone said she had not "hooked up" with some guy that night and kept asking if I was going to break up with her. I told her no. Later that night she broke up with me because, "God didn't want her in a relationship," the same excuse she had used on her ex before me. Later the guy told one of my friends he had screwed her and had been the entire time we were dating…

My fianc