Earlier this year, I spotted the post by College Humor staff titled If The Internet Named Movies where the author used common Internet acronyms in place of movie titles and doctored up the movie posters to match.The post made me chuckle and I thought up a few of my own to add to the list.

I've finally gotten around to mashing the movie posters to match, (what a job!), with the help of TypeNow.net and MoviePoster.com.Every blockbuster movie deserves a sequel, so I've titled my post accordingly- If The Internet Named Movies Too.

If some of the acronyms escape you, try a look up at the Urban Dictionary or the Internet Acronyms Dictionary.

Did I miss some? Add your suggestions in the comments and I'll try to recreate them using the movie posters. Please Digg or tweet this post if you like it. Enjoy!

NB – Please note that all poster copyright belongs to Movieposter.com