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About 1 hour ago, you left for thanksgiving break, and I've already finished scanning every page of all three of your diaries into my computer. With your scanner, of course. It made me a little sad when you wrote that entry on the day your Grandma died. But not sad enough to stop reading and scanning, because once you were gone I had to get revenge somehow for you constantly sleeping and occupying the room.
Maria Hernandez, UCLA

One of my roommates is pretty much an all-around douchebag. He eats my food, whines whenever I make any noise past 10PM, never cleans up his huge mess, leaves out dishes until mold grows on them, that kind of stuff. Eventually, I got fed up with it. In one of my classes, I had to create a web client (like Outlook) that, among other things, allows me to set the sender email. So I sent him an email from the university's administration telling him that his professor had turned him in for cheating on his exam and that he was under investigation for removal from the university. Needless to say, he is absolutely freaking out right now. He'll eventually figure out that the email was bogus, but sitting in the other room listening to him freak out is just fantastic.
Richard H, Clemson

Yeah you know when you brought in that kitten into the apartment knowing I'm allergic to cats. I tried to be nice and warn you that the cat needs to go. But because you were "too monetarily invested" in him. I decided to be nice and shave him. Hey, I pay rent to be there he doesn't. At least you got to keep the cat and I got to remain relatively allergy free. My bad. I didn't know you liked his fur.
M.A., School Not Given

Hey Ryan, remember last year at uni when we had to share a flat and you were dealing drugs to some skanky junkies in our complex, had them all over and they trashed my tv, PS3 and caused over