Jeff's Favorite Shirts

Drive Shaft

Imagine how cool you're going to be while you own a shirt repping Charlie-from-Lost's fictional band, then try to imagine it somehow getting better when you explain that it looks like the Oasis logo because Charlie and his brother are so transparently based on the Gallaghers. That's what life is like every time you wear this shirt.

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Carcetti For Mayor

Though I don't necessarily agree with Tommy Carcetti's public education policies, I love wearing this shirt. It's a great way to meet other people who have watched The Wire, which is more or less the only people I'm interested in talking to anyway.

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Missouri Loves Company

This shirt makes my list just for the inexplicable slice of pizza Illinois is eating. If this picture is to scale, that slice is about the size of Rhode Island. I know it's not as good of a pun, but really it seems like Missouri Loves Friends With Free Pizza.

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