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In South Korea, videogames are considered a sport. There's a TV station dedicated entirely to Starcraft. Have we really fallen so far behind as a society that we too can't accept someone who sits on their couch for 12 hours a day, chugging Mountain Dew and pwning n00bs at Halo a champion athlete? This shirt is for everyone that agrees Call of Duty should be an Olympic event.

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A lot of people consider Helvetica to be the best font of all time. A lot of those people consider Comic Sans to be the worst font of all time. Honestly, if you needed the explanation, you probably aren't into this shirt anyway. The beauty of a joke like this is that you'll have an instant connection with anyone that does get it. And most of those people will be graphic designers.

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Obnoxious Political Opinion

Everyone is angry about politics these days. I'm angry at everyone for being angry. I don't care if you are for or against healthcare, if you're nice about it. I don't care if you think new taxes are bad or great, if you're polite. Here's my political opinion: everyone needs to stop being mean and yelling so much. That's going to be my campaign slogan when I run for president in 2012. Also, free pizza for everyone.

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