The Accidental Stare
Jessica has become lost in a daydream, and inadvertently gazed into your eyes.
Wave at her, smile, and avoid eye contact.

The Hand Touch
Jason has touched your hand.
Blush accordingly and bite your bottom lip in a Kristen Stewart fashion.

The Not Slick Boob Brush
Jason has intentionally pretended to brush up against your boob.
Giggle, insinuating that you liked it.
The Kiss
Jessica has only leaned in halfway for the kiss.
Close your eyes and reciprocate before she notices your lazy eye.
The Boner
Jason has a boner.
Try not to make him feel self conscious about it, even though it's super noticeable.

The Dorm Room Invite
Jason has invited you back to his dorm room
Cue the song from Top Gun.

The Cuddle
Jessica has cuddled you.
She decided to stay the night. This is a sign of intimacy.
The Note
Jason has left you a note.
Right, he had class in the morning, on a Saturday.
The Inappropriate High Five
Jason has high fived you.
After a night of passion, he's trying to be pals with you, in the worst way possible.
The Stink Eye
Jessica has given you the stink eye.
Wave at her, smile, and avoid eye contact.