We all know him/her. That one "friend" who accounts for 50% of your news feed. Here are 4 ways to tell a Facebook A$$hole, and the correct way to combat this pest.

1. Wall-to-Wall Conversationalist

How to Spot: Constantly has facebook conversations between her "bffs."
How to Combat: Comment on her wall: "PICK UP A DAMN PHONE!"

2. Status Updater

How to Spot: At least 3 updates daily. Has a twitter. Each update has "I", "ugh", "fml", or an obnoxious number of letters like "heeeeyyyyyy."

How to Combat: Post this video to every status ever.

3. Application/Group/Fan Inviter

How to Spot: One farmville or mafia wars request a week or one randome group invited every 2-3 days. Also, joins at least one group or fan page a day.
How to Combat: Respond, "you're lonely," to every request or news feed entry.

4. SocialInterview.com Poster

How to Spot: They post unfunny responses to weird questions on your wall.
How to Combat: Just unfriend them. They're a lost cause.

Hopefully this helps you as it has helped me! And if you're one of the following Facebook A$$holes, cancel your account or find a new hobby.