Buying gifts for your friends and stuck on what is exactly the perfect gift?  Just make the following small changes to your list!

Original Gift: The Twilight movies
Better Gift: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Yourgirlfriend loves the books and and really wants the movie.  She's onTeam Edward and you're on Team I-Don't-Give-A-Shit.  Let's face thefacts, if you get her the movie, you'll be FORCED to watch it, make acomment about how stupid it is, argue for awhile, be told how you don'tknow her, and you'll end up not getting laid for a week.  If you gether Modern Warfare 2 though, there's two possibilities: A) She'llrealize she loves it and thinks you know her better than she does, orB) You'll argue for awhile, be told how you don't know her, and you'llend up not getting laid for a week.  But at least you didn't have towatch Twilight and now you can play the game when you're at her place.

Original Gift: A Sudoku Book
Better Gift: A Solved Sudoku Book

Let's face it, the only reason he really wants one is so he can pretend he's smarter than everyone else, despite the fact that you've outscored him on every exam, which is probably because while you're busy doing stupid things like paying attention and taking notes, he's doing the sudoku in all the daily newspapers.  So why not just let him pretend to pretend he's smarter than everyone else?  You'll save him loads of time when he can just carry this around with him and show people how many he's finished.

Original Gift: A coffee mug with your school's name on it
Better Gift: A bottle of wine

Forgot to get your mom a gift for Christmas?  Shame that you had to resort to going to the bookstore and finding this.  It's the kind of gift that really says "I'm a shitty child".  With a bottle of wine though, your mom will at least be able to have an enjoyable night of getting drunk alone, remembering when you were a better son/daughter, and dreaming of a man to come save her from what is now her sad, miserable life.

Original Gift: World of Warcraft
Better Gift: Drugs and a hooker

If your friend wants to start playing World of Warcraft, let him start that by himself.  Don't introduce him to that kind of garbage.  Let him ruin his life on his own, with his own money.  In the mean time, you can at least show him there's safer and funner things in life than WoW.