Many of you remember the show Salute Your Shorts. And many of you remember all your favorite characters; Budnick, Sponge, Donkey Lips, etc. What are some of these people up to now you ask? Well I have an answer. I lived my childhood dream recently by talking to Michael Bower, who played Donkey Lips. Here's what he had to say.

Who were you closest with on the set of Salute Your Shorts? The craft service table, ABBA ZABBA WAS MY ONLY FRIEND.
Why the nickname Donkey Lips? You would have to ask the writers that question, but Kevin Smith recently showed us why everyone loves a good donkey show.
What’s your best memory on the set of Salute Your Shorts? Just being a kid and getting to film some real cool and funny scenes. So my memories are more like dreams coming true.
Is there an episode that you find to be particularly meaningful? The episode where I had to build bird houses, because in that episode the nerd became a CEO. Plus I went to the hospital with a head freeze disease from all those ice pops
Did playing Donkey Lips ever help you get chicks? Well Playboy models always say they want a man that can make  them laugh- and to this day I have never once made a Playboy model laugh into my bed (and I'm a pretty funny guy)
Were you friends with any other Nickelodeon Stars? Clarrissa and I  go way back but we had a falling out due to a certain hottie on Kids Incorporated (don't want any  drama—noo no no  drama) Fergilicious -true story
What, exactly, is an Awful Waffle? It's making a human waffle. Take a round tennis racket and some maple syrup, rip a nerds shirt off, force the tennis racket into his stomach creating the round waffle effect and pour the syrup. You become a human waffle and it feels awful- hence the Awful Waffle.
Did you ever go to summer camp? YES I DID. It was called Camp Max Strauss and let's just say  I wasn't the only fat kid there.

What's your favorite Salute Your Shorts? Mine is the either the bunk chief elections or the two-parter where Budnick has a crush on Dina. I can't decide. Mine is Sponge Goes on a Date. I just thought that episode was fun and the sets were amazing for a small production.

What's your favorite non-Salute-Your-Shorts Nick show? You cant do that on tv (barf)
Favorite Nick game show? Double dare.

Same! How often are you recognized? At least once a day but not always for that role.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the other cast members? All of them and to this day we all still hate each other. (They know im playing) 

What do you miss the most about being on Salute Your Shorts? To be honest nothing. I am glad to have experienced it once and now I can move on as an adult actor and continue in the entertainment industry.

Did Budnick get all diva-ish after his role in Terminator 2? No but he did bring John Connor by the set and we all knew who was looking for him, so we were doomed- but Ug handled the T-1000 with water buckets
I’m like 94% sure that I saw you on Singled Out… Did I? Yes you did, I'm friends with Jenny McCarthy, the host, and she knew I needed a date so she snuck me in. But of course I'm a bad ass and I lost on purpose cause I'm a pimp. End quote.
What are you up to these days?I have a small production company and comedy troop and I am trying to make funny movies or full length features (work in progress) as well as continuing to be a great and talented actor- ready for a huge comeback story.

P.S. if you guys read anything about me being gay it's true (I'm a happy guy) lol 

Thanks everyone for believing in me, find me at

Thanks for talking with me Michael! I will truly always hold Camp Anawana in my heart.