The Internet is just like an airplane: No one knows how it works, but everyone likes it. Unfortunately for us, the Internet has much more power than anyone expected it to have. And this power won't be used in our favor. Here are 3 reasons why the internet will destroy us.

1.      Online Stores (Amazon, ebay, etc…)

Why go to an actual store to buy that cool new iPod when youcan buy it online at a cheaper price? And free shipping! This laziness that isalready striking America will only get worse as more brick-and-mortar stores goout of business and people begin to refuse to leave their houses. Luckily, theywill need to leave their house for food… Wait…People can order food online too?Damnit!

2.      Porn

How can one not reference porn? An integral part of everyman'slife. But how is the internet ruining it? By providing too much porn! Why goout when you have hand and an internet connection to millions of free pornsites? Soon, bars will close due to a lack of men and even women attending. Thehuman race will cease to repopulate and the last man and women on earth willhave forgotten the art of sex. Or at least only know the online porn kind.(However, the pros to porn are less spreading of STD's. Mazel Tov.)

3.      Facebook

Your parents, grandparents, older friends have all criticizedit. But your "friends" praise it. And I mean all 623 of them. I've seen peopleconduct hour long conversations through on each other's walls for the world tosee.  Not only will stalking increase,the ability to carry out a conversation with another will diminish. I dare youto call a friend with a question instead of texting, IMing, or posting it onhis/her wall. See how long you can keep a conversation going.