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Speeder bikes on a planet full of trees; narrow walking machines on a world covered with ice. The fearsome Galactic Empire struck terror into an entire universe, but they didn't know squat about engineering. Just take a look at the Death Star, the "ultimate power in the galaxy" as long as no farmers fly too close to it's exhaust ports.

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Einstien was one of humankind's most brilliant physicists whose discoveries reinvented how we thought about the universe, but most people still know him as that zany German dude who stuck his tongue out in a photo.

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It's the hardest element known to man, and probably the coolest (sorry, Bismuth). Maybe if our high school chemistry class included the indestructible alloy that makes up Wolverine's claws, we actually would have paid attention instead of reading old "Weapon X" editions in the bathroom.

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