Harry Potter:
Hey Honey, I'm home!

Ginny Weasley: Hi Honey, tough day at work?

HP: You bet, but nothing a few expelliarmus spells couldn't fix.

GW: Just because you used it to kill Voldemort it doesn't mean that it's the best spell for everything.

HP: I know, it's just that it has kind of become my signature spell.

GW: Maybe, but an expelliarmus won't fix the radiator.

HP: I know honey; I'll get to it later.

Harry opens the fridge and pulls out a butterbeer.

GW: Right, because you are too busy drinking?

HP: I'm just getting one for the game. Do you want one?

GW: No, I'm good.

HP: Are you sure because I won't ask you again.

GW: It's okay. I'm good. I'll just have half of yours.

HP: What? Why won't you just have a whole beer yourself?

GW: Nah, I can't drink that much. I'll just have half of yours.

HP: But I can drink a whole beer.

GW: Oh my god, why can't we just share one? You never want to share anything. It was the same when we were fighting Voldemort; you never wanted anyone but you to fight him, and when we went to that –

HP: Fine, we'll share this butterbeer. I'll go and watch the game now

Harry goes to the living room. Ginny follows right behind him

HP: What are you doing?

GW: I thought we could watch the game together?

HP: Why?

GW: Because we never just hang out anymore?

HP: We hung out last night!

GW: Rescuing me from another crazy dark wizard trying to kill me to get back at you does not qualify as hanging out.

HP: Fine, but you didn't seem to mind my expelliarmus curse that much last night!

GW: Your right, I'm sorry I mentioned it. Let's just turn on the TV, watch the game and forget about it.

HP: It's okay.

Harry waves his wand at the television.