Streeter Seidell
In 2010 I will believe in myself! Or…maybe that's a little too ambitious. I dunno, maybe not. What do you guys think? I'm just not sure…

Sarah Schneider
To stop being so sarcastic when interacting with my home electronics.

Jake Hurwitz
This year I resolve to finally change my CollegeHumor profile picture. Or at least go to the page where I do that, think about how sweet I look with long hair and then resolve to grow it out.

Dan Gurewitch
My resolution
Is to finally beat my
Haiku addiction.

Conor McKeon
I resolve to finally accomplish a childhood dream, which is to start a company that puts cocaine vendors in the 'nosebleed section' of professional sports stadiums.

Ben Joseph
One of the following: Go back to school, make epic grilled cheese sandwich, lose ten pounds, stop building easy outs into resolutions.

Patrick Cassels
I resolve to spend every waking hour to the betterment of my mind and body. Luckily I sleep about 21 hours a day.

Sam Reich
I resolve to patch things up with Patrick Cassels. Patrick, if you're reading this after New Years, I'm sorry. If you're reading it before New Years, f*ck you.

Jason Michaels
My 2006 New Year's Resolution is to stop being such a weenie and just
use the time machine already.
Edit: Hoorah!

Brian Murphy
I resolve to donate more money to orphanages. Or at the very least, stop robbing them.

Owen Parsons
I resolve to ride my bike five miles every morning, or less if they open a Dunkin' Donuts that's closer to my house.

Jeff Rubin
After this year, I'm going to stop watching Lost.

Kevin Corrigan
I'm going to travel more in 2010, so I can be absolutely sure America is the best.

Susanna Wolff
To get you to read this sentence. I win! This is a competition, right?