Setting: In the workout area of a gym.

Mac: Oh. Linux… hey, how's it going?


Mac: Look, I've always wanted to say…

Linux: How you stole from me. Yeah I know.

Mac: I didn't mean it like that.

Linux: Yeah sure.

All of a sudden, Windows comes out of a nowhere.

Mac: Oh my God, it's Windows.

Windows: Hey there boys. Long time no see.

Mac: Windows, you're looking kind of blue.

Windows: Yeah, sorry I just crashed because mydriver and I got into an argument. We wrecked our car which made mereally sad. I just need to reboot, that's all.

Mac: Oh, you're always getting into some type of snafu.

Linux: So Windows, what are you doing these days?

Windows: Eh, just running the world. I'm in the big business these days. Linux, what are you up to? I mean, LS.

Linux: Just hanging out with nerds.

Windows: What about you Mac?

Mac: Well, I've just been thinking about the olddays. Remember back when we were living together and I had that idea onhow to add really cool graphical windows to our apartment? I thoughtabout selling it.

Windows: Ah yes. Back in the days when I was calling myself DOS. Yeah, sorry about taking that idea.

Mac: Whatever. At least I still have security and reliability.

: Excuse me. You don't even include Paint in your operating system.

Mac: Pssh, but the artists love me. My best friend gets on TV and is a cool college kid. You just have that nerdy guy.

Windows: But doesn't everybody love John Hodgman more than Justin Long.

Mac: Very true.

Linux: Sorry to interrupt, but technically speaking, I have the most security and reliability and my OS includes a version of Paint.

Windows: Shut up Linux. You go around struttingyour stupid red hat and taking care of your stupid mandrake garden.About all you can do is have your friends come over and play in youropen office and with your pet gnu while you go about making fun of meand Mac over here.

Mac: Yeah Linux. He's right.

Linux: Fine. If that's how this is going to be then I might as well just say halt.

Linux disappears.

Windows: So that leaves just you and me.

Mac: That's right Windows. I'll rock you just likeI rock my Garageband. And after I'm done with you you'll have to go toyour pathetic and useless Windoctor to try to get him to help you.

Windows: I'll just call up my buddies Norton, Mcafee and AVG if you want to try to pull any fast ones on me.

Mac: Let's do this.

Mac pulls out his Grab tool and grabs Windows right in his vulnerable spot, which is everywhere.

Windows: Norton! Help!

Windows looks over and sees Norton is fighting with Windows best friend named Windows Security Center

Windows: Ouch. You son of a bitch. Oh god. I better get my buddy AutoCAD to come draw this mofo a knife through his chest.

Windows looks over and there's AutoCAD sitting on the workout bench much to Windows' luck. He calls him over

Windows: Let's see if you can run this Mac.

Mac: Oh shit. AutoCAD. Wait. I got something even better TurboCAD come help me out.

TurboCAD comes out to help and he dukes out with AutoCAD as Windows is held by Mac.

Windows: Oh shit that didn't do anything. I have one option left. Help me out Sam!

Out of nowhere comes Microsoft Sam, and he begins to speak.

Sam: This is Microsoft Sam. I am the computer's default voice.

Mac begins to laugh hysterically.

Mac: Holy shit. Say "I suck Penis."
Sam: "I suck Penis."
Windows: (to himself) Good that should keep him occupied.

Windows runs off and gets away and goes to the door of theworkout gym. He calls his friend IE to get him out to the world. IEcalls his friend DHCP and they get a car and get out. But right as theyreach Adobe Flash Lane, they all crash and die.