Early Life:
Katie's Mom: Katie, som kid handed me this while I was outside. He said it was for you and that it was ugent, and then he ran away again. Here you go.

Katie: Who was it?

Katie's Mom: That kid from down the street, but he said it wasn't from him, it was from "his friend". He was very specific about the quotation marks by the way.

Mid-early life
Mike: How's it going with Katie?

Ryan: I don't get it, man. I've been hitting on her real hard, but she doesn't seem to respond.

Mike: Have you tried punching her really hard on the arm?

Ryan: Yes, like I just said. I've been hitting on her real hard. Pay attention.

Mike: That's wierd. That is like the best way I know to tell a girl you like her.

Ryan: I know, right? I even tried to pinch her, and still there was nothing.

Mike: You pinched her? Wow, you must really like this girl, huh? There is one other thing you could try though. I saw my brother do it and they dated for a month after it. You should try tripping her feet in the hall infront of a large crowd.

Ryan: Genius. I'll go do that now. I'll talk to you later.

Mid Life:
Mike: So I hear Katie's back in town for tonight. Are you going to go talk to her?

Ryan: Sure. Let's just get some beers and some vodka and some shots first, then I'll go.

Some-beers-and-some-vodka-and-some-shots time later.

Ryan: Hey Katie!!! Your boobs look tired, want me to hold them?

Katie smacks Ryan across the face.

Ryan: Alright! SCORE! hahaha tear

Mid-late Life
Ryan runs up to Katie in the airport just before she is about to leave.

Ryan: Katie wait! Before you go home to that Barry guy, I have something I need to tell you. I love you. I've loved you since the first time I set eyes on you when we were kids. And I will always love you.

Katie: Who are you?

Ryan: It's me, Ryan!

Katie: Ryan? Ryan from high school? Oh my god, I haven't seen you in like 4 years.

Ryan: It's 5 years actually.

Katie: Not exactly helping yourself there Ryan. You thought that you could walk up to me after 4 years and say you love me and then I'd be yours forever? hahaha

Katie walks away laughing.

Late Life:
Ryan: Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?

Patricia: You already paid me. You don't need to win me over with pick-up lines.