So Tiana, you are from "The Princess and The Frog". How are you adjusting as the newest member to join The Disney Princess Society?

Tiana: It's amazing. All of the princesses here are so nice. I just can't seem to get a hold of Snow White. I get the feeling that she is ignoring me.

Pocahontas: Ha, well that doesn't surprise me.

Tiana: What do you mean?

Mulan: Let's just say Snow White is a little bit stuck in the "old way" of thinking.

Cinderella: Now now Mulan, we are all fair and true princesses here. Snow White is one of the original princesses, and things were different back then.

Tiana: Are you telling me that Snow White… is racist?

Mulan: Well here she comes now, why don't you find out for yourself.

Snow White: Hello ladies. I see that you are all talking to the new girl.

Tiana: My name is Tiana, it's such an honor to meet you Snow White.

Snow White: I'm sure it is Tiniqua. Hey Pocahontas, do you have any cigarettes I could bum off of you? Or did you already "smoke em peace pipe" without me?

Pocahontas: Sorry, I'm all out. Jasmine usually has some but she's not here tonight.

Snow White: Doesn't surprise me, it's hard to keep tabs on her, you know, after 9/11 and all.

Mulan: I have one cigarette left if you want it Snow White.

Snow White: No that's ok. I know how you get when you haven't had your nicotine fix. Don't want you to
get all Godzilla on us.

Mulan: Godzilla is Japanese.

Snow White: And?

Mulan: I'm Chinese!

Cinderella: Ok that's enough! This is the Disney Princess Society. Little girls everywhere look up to us. We have to send them a message, that it's not what we look like on the outside, but that we are all beautiful princesses, on the inside.

Snow White: I guess you're right.

Cinderella: Besides, it's not like Tiana's fat or anything.

(All of the Princesses Gasp)

Tiana: Ew, Gross.