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My girlfriend just said, "It's scary to think that one day octopuses will become people." When I asked her how that was going to happen, she answered, in all seriousness, "Evolution."

From what I understand, when a guy has sex for the first time, it usually does not last very long. However, it seems I cannot last that long even if it is my hundredth time. So every time I have sex with a girl for the first time, and I don't last long, I tell her that I have never had sex before. I'm sorry to the roughly seven girls who think they took my virginity.
-Mark, Florida

I tagged along with my girlfriend when her family was taking her to dinner on her birthday. When we were about to leave she was surprised by the staff with a sundae with a cherry on top. She quickly asked "Who wants my cherry?" I stupidly replied yes…. with her father seated across from me…
-Jake, MSU

Almost a year ago I was fooling around with a girl. She got completely naked (with no pushing by me), but before I can get my boxers off, she tells me she doesn't want to do this, puts on her pajamas, and goes to sleep. I guess technically we slept together.
-Peter, Texas

My girlfriend sleeps on the side closest to the wall so that "the monsters" won't get her.
-Kevin A., Ryerson University, Canada

So I was dating a girl for 10 months and things were going good and starting to get serious when she abruptly ended the relationship. Her reasoning was that if we ever got married and had kids that I would be lacking in the parenting skills department and wouldn't work well with children. I am a school teacher and work with kids every day…

-Carlos, NE

I received a Valentine's Day card from my ex-boyfriend one year. It was really sweet, until I noticed he had spelled his name wrong. His name is Michael…not Micheal.

I was out with my girlfriend and a couple friends and somehow the conversation turned to plastic surgery. The pros and cons etc… To which my girlfriend responded that she had gotten her nose done. She defended it by saying that she hadn