Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?" 

If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, submit it here! 

And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I did tech support for a computer company, and a lady called up who thought she could fold up a piece of paper, scan it, email it, and the recipient could unfold it on the other side, so it would stay private during sending. 

Mark Baland, University of Life

My mom just got a droid because she thought it would automatically make her tech savvy and cool. She tries to text but doesn't understand how the auto-complete/correct feature works so 90% of her texts make no sense (ex. "…get I claim her you don't have to whatever"). I tried to explain to her that she doesn't have to send a text if it doesn't say what she wants and that there is a backspace button. She replied "I have 9 am dr. apt , I go sick after walki ing in snow and ice night the car slid down hill into culvert."
Kyle W, LSU

Recently I bought a new white MacBook on behalf of my parents. I used it this morning to check my mail only to find an 8 digit number written in blue felt tip on the bottom right hand corner of the screen casing. It looked like my Dad's writing, so I questioned him. It was his online banking password. "Who's going to know what it is?" was his defense.
Conor Harding, UCC

Today my mom asked me "What's two-twoing?" and then showed me a text message on her phone. It was a two part text message. She thought the 2/2 was a slang word.
Jessica Cordeiro

My grandmother thinks that the garage door opener must be within a foot of the garage door and pointed correctly for it to work. She was amazed when it worked through the glass of the car windows.
Kate M, UVA

I was visiting my parents for Christmas and while my mom was online, she yelled at me for making a call because it would "kick the computer off the internet." They have wireless and I was using my cell phone.
Chris Addams

I replaced the link in the internet explorer shortcut, so my parents started using Chrome. They liked Chrome but they still kept clicking the same shortcut to get to the internet.
Marijn h

I came home to visit my parents for the weekend. My mom and I have the same phone, so when I left it on the table, she grabbed it by mistake when she went out. 3 hours later she comes home and gives it back. I check the messages and I have one she sent me saying, "Whoops! I took your phone by mistake, I'll be home in a couple hours to give it back."
Andrew Walser, University of Iowa

My mother asked me if I can "Photoshoot" a picture for her.
Corey C

My mom calls her Facebook status updates her blog.
Michelle A

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