If you're the dedicated worker that you appear to be browsing this site during work hours then you may not know that performing pointless back ups of data is the time wasting effort sweeping the office world by storm. It appears to be productive while at the same time is incredibly unproductive. Its also incredibly boring so here's how to liven it up. (I take no responsibility for work, reputation or jobs that may be lost trying these.)

1: Write an article on what to do when backing up
Its what I did.

2: Flex
After all that time sat at that desk you'll need to get those muscles loosened up. Stretch away ensuring as much bone cracking and groaning as possible. When asked to stop inform your moaning co-worker that you've almost finished your regime, then continue for even longer. Warning: Doing actual real exercise may cause you to become healthy, ensure to take regular breaks if you think you may be over doing it (i.e. doing it at all).

3: Bohemian Rhapsody
Start singing it. You win if you get to the end before your backup finishes. (Though of course you win nothing, making you a loser.)
Bonus points for getting others to join in when they should be working.

4: Do some work on another computer
This may seem to be the opposite of what we want to achieve but just think, any little bit of work (say a full stop somewhere) will need backing up along with everything else on that other computer… just in case. And of course when you've started the backing up from there you can go back to your original computer, make a change and start the backup cycle again.

5: Backup chain reaction
Appoint yourself head of backups in the office and make sure each computer is backed up, not at the same time but one after the other. If you take long enough with each backup and have enough computers you can spend everyday just doing this. Careful though, the IT guy might think you're muscling in on his patch.

6: Backup Grand Prix
If you and several of your co-workers are wanting to diligently back up at the end of the day at the same time (i.e. all of you had the same idea of making your computers unusable till home time) then why not start your backups at the same time. The winner is the one who comes last, after all it takes more skill to last longer (well, according to women). And of course you can all stand round waiting on the last back up to finish, pooling your backup times together.
Bonus: Make new friends (because you'll need them at this point) by watching for someone else starting a backup and then starting your own backup at the same time. Then go over and tell them how you won because you're the backing up 1337 and their a n00b. When they ask what you're talking about ask them if they want to go for a drink. If they say no you've done something wrong and should cry till they change their mind.

7: Data race.
If backing up to another computer over the office network get your running shoes on and try to get to the other computer before the backup finishes (putting running shoes may be a hindrance for smaller offices). A car may be needed for off-site backups

8: Backup roulette
If backing up on a laptop make sure that is is running off battery. Wait till you get a low power warning then start the back up. See if your work can safely duplicate itself against a ticking time bomb. Earn yourself the rep of being the risk taker of the office, you crazy psycho.

9: Watch the progress bar.
You didn't really need your sanity before right?

10: backing up itself is a waste of time,
Who needs to back up, its not like anything is ever lost with today's%£^(E