As a college senior i can honestly say that i have had the greatest four years of my life. When I first walked onto the college campus my eyes were as big as dinner plates, as was every other freshman. I believe that college students are the hippies of today, (i'll explain that in a little bit). But for now i want to share my experience with everyone and see if anyone else experienced just a little bit of the same.

Freshman year….

First 10 min- "omg there are so many hott girls here, i am going to have so many babies"

15 min later- "ok, i've moved in BYE MOM"!!!…hug my crying mom and family as they drive back home

1 hour later- meet my room mate for the first time, and he scares the shit out of me…and he smells.

3 hours later- dorm hall meeting with the RA's "aka" people who say they will enforce the rules but really
                    don't give a crap, they just want to play halo.

3 hours 15 min later- invite girls back to dorm for some pizza and chill.

4 hours later- cock blocked by scarey room mate…but i get a slice of pizza.

A few weeks go by and i meet some people that don't make me want to hide all my shit whenever i see them and we all form our little click. We go to parties and crash at peoples houses that we just met…that was the hippie reference…think about it. Only a hippie would let u crash at his house 2 hours after you just met him……i wish i could have been at woodstock.

Break comes and we all go home for a couple days, we spend a day with the family and already want to go back to our life of freedom…..

Back at college for last month or so of semester FREEDOMMMMMM!!!!!!

3 weeks before finals- kicking myself for not going to class…and figuring out how im going to pull a
                                passing grade out of my ass.

2 weeks and 6 days before finals- entered Championship Beer Pong Tournament

2 weeks and 5 days before finals- ok gotta get my shit together….but that night was effing crazy so
                                                 i dont regret it

Finals week- i cant remember drinking so much red bull in my entire life…i need to study every hour to
                  pass all exams….is my hand twitching

Christmas break- after thinking i have multiple ulcers from possibly flunking college i find out that i
                         passed all my classes….i have found God.

Second Semester- Same shit all over again…

If this gets more than 300 likes then i will post sophomore year…the stories only get better.