10 things I'm going to do before I die

1.    Challenge the Pope to a duel over control of the Christian Religion

2.    Get someone to refer to me as Optimus Prime whenever they see me

3.    Run around the world with the following equipment: a bike, three big bottles of Mountain Dew,  a cement block, and a tube of bubble wrap.

4.    Rock some guy with a Brick in a LA intersection

5.    Drop a few tracks about going to school, and practicing safe sex

6.    Go to West Philly and meet these Hooligans Will Smith had trouble with.

7.    Punch Mick Jagger in the jaw then go looking for Keith Richards

8.    Find Tupac's hidden gold then organize a search committee to find him

9.    Create a shoe that increases speed and leaves no footprints

10.    Find Narnia, find Mr. Tumnus and tell him to take me to Aslan so I can kill him and take his magic Lion Powers