College not working for you? It's not your fault. Try to switch things up, like getting an Internet Degree! We only have three classes, and you probably have passed them all, so getting your degree is easy. Unless you live under a rock. How are you here then?

University of Internet Classes:

1. Porn Surfing

The in's and out's of Pornography. We discuss which browsers to enter through, how to "secure" yourself, and private histroy deletion. Extra topics include the allowed times per day, lotions, the "Google-Fetish Factor" and permissable jack-off locations in relation to your specific campus.

Class Credits: Average Times Per Week x Girlfriends (Past and Present) + Bookmarked Sites – Inches

2. Viral Video Commenting

If you've ever commented on a video ever, you're a deuchebag. We revisit all of your comments, trolls, flame-wars, and cause internal solace and depression. It's fine, you'll live and learn to comment well, be repsectful, and calm the asshole or dick inside of you. (See Number 1.)

Class Credits: If you've ever commented, just come here. We'll worry about credits later.

3. Facebook Essentials

This class discusses the popular social networking site. Lessons include learning who and when to friend, status update rules, and the amount of times permitted to search recent history trying to find that special someone to connect with.

Class Credits: Age/Friends-Average Friday Nights Alone

We gurantee that with an Internet Degree, you will suceed and progress in life. If not virtually.