(SCOTT and MARIE are laying in bed talking about their sexual fantasies)

MARIE: … and then you lick all the chocolate syrup and whipped cream from my body.

SCOTT: Wow, that sounds… disgusting.

MARIE: Well, what's your fantasy?

SCOTT: It's kind of embarassing…

MARIE: I won't judge you, just tell me.

SCOTT: Well, it's a Star Wars Fantasy-

MARIE: Oh, where I dress up as Slave Leia in the gold bikini?

SCOTT: What? No, I want you to be C-3PO.

MARIE: The… robot?

SCOTT: Yeah, maybe we can do it tonight (pulls out C-3PO Mask) you just have to wear a mask. (MARIE gives a look up uncertainty as SCOTT places the mask in her hands) Please?

MARIE: I guess, if that turns you on…

SCOTT: Oh it would, it really would.

MARIE: Alright (puts on mask and moves arms up and down stiffly) oh master Luke-

SCOTT: No, no. I'm not Luke, that pussy. (Pulls out bandolier and puts it on) I'm gonna be Yoda, the Wookie.

MARIE: I… I thought his name was Chew something-

SCOTT: And why is C-3PO talking anyways? You're just suppose to make beeping noises.

MARIE: Isn't that suppose to be the other robot?

SCOTT: Look, have you even seen Star Wars?

MARIE: Like bits and pieces on Spike-TV.

SCOTT: Well I've seen a lot more of it than you have. Now lay down and let me put my light saber into your dark side.

MARIE: Um, OK… (MARIE lays down as they both start to go at it) It's getting kinda hot under this mask sweetie.

SCOTT: No talking!

MARIE: Oh, I mean "beep boop bleep."

SCOTT: Yeah, resistance is futile, baby.

MARIE: What? That's not Star Wars-

SCOTT: Who's your Cylon? WHO'S YOUR CYLON?!?

MARIE: Now I know that's not from Star Wars.

SCOTT: KALI MA! (Orgasms and rolls off MARIE.)

MARIE: (Takes off mask, staring at ceiling, not saying a word.)

SCOTT: (Smiles big) Wow… and I thought they smelled bad on the outside.