All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate. That's right now more house, oh you poor little representatives, any complaints about the issue can be brought up with our senior complaint chairperson Mr. T.

Impeachment trials will be held by Will Smith and Dog, the bounty hunter. (If they can not come to a concurrence, they will be forced to fight it out in a cage match facilitated by Alan Rickman.)

The President has the power to veto any law brought before him, but NBC news annalist Chuck Todd will be given the power to decide if the laws are unconstitutional.

The Senate will pass all sorts of boring laws, but they will no longer be able to anything that is of or related to money. Would give your money to your husband after he lost the house in a poker tournament? We rest our case.

Pardon power has been stripped from the president and handed over, to Chuck Norris, who using his wise and discerning heart will devise a proper punishment for anyone brave (dumb) enough to come before him.

We are not giving you people any large* guns, geez just take a chill pill, you don't need assault riffles, and frankly neither do we. 

Shooting wolves from helicopters will be the only thing that can keep a person from being eligible for president.

The death penalty is void in all cases unless the person involved ever had anything to do with Disney channel.

Amendment 8: Cruel punishments are still banned, but due to us being in a stuffy room for far too long we will be open to a judges' interpretation of an unusual punishment

Amendment 28: Although this amendment sort of violates free speech, anyone caught crying on a news station will be taken outside and shot immediately. (We are looking right at you Glen Beck) We feel this amendment will promote the general welfare of the people of these United States, and is worth the sacrifice of a few crazy news correspondents.