So over the past few months I've had a few guys try to add me on facebook having never met me before or even in one case, ever seen me before. Here are my conversations with these guys. Be warned, I am mean and nasty lol!

Conversation 1.
Random Guy1: Hi whats up?

Me: Hi…do I know you?

Random Guy1: my name is jonathan i am friends with more and i just thought i message you because i thought ur a fun women to hang out with and as well maybe we can chat it up because i am interested in getting to know u

Me: Ok, did Mor mention me or something? How do you know me?

Random Guy1: i am single and i asked Mor if he had any single friends and we were at silver city so i asked him to point out who was single and he pointed out your name so that is why i messaged you

Me: Interesting…So you're the type of guy who chats up a girl based on one or two possible sightings and a word from a friend that I'm single. He's right, I am, but I'm not really looking at the moment. I kind of have a guy I'm interested in.

As for you saying I'm fun, I'm pretty chills I guess…fun is a matter of opinion though…one which you can't form unless you have actually hung out with me…my friends think I'm fun, but thats why they're my friends.

Mor's a good guy but I'm not really friends with him outside of work.

I guess I can answer any questions you have in order to get to know me better if you really want to after everything I have just said.

Random Guy1: True

Conversation 2:

Me: Who are you and why are you trying to add me as a friend?

Random Guy2: hello my name is tame
i am stady at american unversty
i want to make friends

Random Guy2: ok if you have yahoo chat we can talk on it?

Me: Buddy I'm in Canada, not the US…
And no I do not have yahoo chat, nor do I have any intention of adding you back as a friend.

Conversation 3:

Random Guy3: are you in gb?

Me: What do you mean by am I in gb?

Random Guy3: do you study in george brown college?

Me: ya…why?

Random Guy3: cause I study there too

Random Guy3: you in st. james campus?

Me: ok…good for you…
Why are you trying to add me if you don't actually know me?

Me: ya St. James Campus

Random Guy3: I am building up my george brown network so I can make friend around. I am in st. james campus too.

Random Guy3: what program are you in?

Me: Special Events Planning

Random Guy3: cool…I am in accounting

Random Guy3: would you like to add me up? : )

Me: so you found me on some george brown facebook group or something?

Random Guy3: yup…the same one

Me: Still indecisive…you are not in my program and I am not in the habit of adding people on facebook just because they go to the same school as I do…It is highly unlikely that I would ever actually be friends with you.

Random Guy3: its ok…but I think I have seen you a couple of times in the college

Me: Adding people on facebook randomly is not the way to make friends…in fact, it is the best way to label yourself as a creeper…my suggestion…make some friends in your classes, hang out with them and their friends

Random Guy3: I do have friends in college…I do hang out with them…its ok you don't have to add me up if you don't want to

Me: ok so you've seen me before…that doesn't mean you know me…

Random Guy3: nope. I don't know you, I've never talked to you before

Me: Clearly you don't understand the concept of creeper…most people don't add others on facebook unless they have actually met in person

Random Guy3: lol..I told you I am trying to build up my network but it doesn't mean that I add everyone

Me: so what, you decided I looked cute or something?

Random Guy3: Like I told you I don't know you because we have never met but I have seen you a couple of times. To be honest you are good looking

Random Guy3: Did you ever see me in the college?

Me: well here is the thing. I'm not really buying it. Adding people because you want to increase your network is a pretty weak excuse. I do not add people I have never spoken to in person…so..good luck with that.

Me: nope

Random Guy3: as you wish you don't have to add me

I don't add people who I don't like…if I like anyone then I do…yes u r cute that is why I am adding you

Well you can get to know me if you meet me in the college!!!

Me: I know it is difficult to convey tone over the internet but I think I have been pretty clear that I have no interest in making friends with someone I find creepy.

Hope you all enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed having them.