It's the Monday before Valentine's Day, which means you only have seven days to convince your girlfriend that of course, totally babe, you knew that. Luckily, I'm here with a day-by-day breakdown of what you should be doing.

Reservations, Not Indian: Technically you should already have a restaurant reservation, but I know you don't, so make it today.

Coy Fish: Once you have the reservation, make sure your girlfriend knows it. Coyly confirming that she's 'not doing anything' around 8, 8:30 on Sunday will not only make her giggle, but will reassure her that you're on top of shit. Very barely on top of shit.

The Giver: Start thinking about what you could get your girlfriend as a gift. If it's a good gift, you'll have to make some effort to get it beforehand. And no, on the way to dinner doesn't count as 'beforehand'. I mean, yes, technically it's…ugh, just start thinking about it, come on, it's the easiest part of this whole list.