You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: so when the world ends in 2012 and the zombies start to flood the cities what will you do?
You: braaaaiiiinnsss
Stranger: shit are you a zombie?
Stranger: f***, better get my machete
You: ….squirrel
Stranger: sneaks around so the zombie can't hear him
You: squirrel attacks and kills zombie
Stranger: phew
You: squirrel is now a zombie
Stranger: s***f***
You: nuuttttssss
Stranger: I toss a few walnuts I had in my pocket at the squirrel
You: squirrel has allergic reaction and is now pissed off
Stranger: take offensive stance and ready the machete
You: zombie comes back alive and starts to crawl toward you
Stranger: is there a way out of the room?
You: epic squirrel-zombie battle resumes you hide in the rafters random hot girl enters and screams do you save her?
You: or guy
Stranger: I roll for initiative…
Stranger: and get a 19
Stranger: so I take my machete and cut her head in two
You: she is now a zombie
Stranger: but her head is in two
You: she is a two headed zombie
Stranger: damn
Stranger: cuts the left head off
You: she falls dead for final
Stranger: finally
You: someone pulls up in a hummer Come with me if you want to live! (austrian accent)
Stranger: I do a spot check to see if there is a way out of the rafters and away from the zombies
Stranger: gets in humer
Stranger: hummer
You: *squirrel zombie jumps on windshield (turn on windshield wipers?)
Stranger: yes
You: squirrel flies to its doom
Stranger: schweet
You: where do you drive?
Stranger: we drive to the mountains nearby
You: runs out of gas in the middle of the forest
Stranger: lovely
You: arnie takes a minigun…what do you take?
You: shotgun or machine gun
Stranger: takes shotgun and shells
You: oh no its a charger!
Stranger: shoots charger
You: where do you shoot it?
Stranger: I aim for the head
You: he falls dead after a few shots
Stranger: we follow the road into the mountains
Stranger: to the cabin I knew was up there
You: joey from friends is there "how you doin'?"
Stranger: screams and shoots joey repeatedly in the head untill there is nothing left but a bloody stump
Stranger: thank god for that shotgun, eh Arnie?
You: yep
Stranger: I was startled and failed my intelligence check
You: ?
Stranger: thank god that wasn't Candle Jack, eh Arnie?
Stranger: he shruggs
Stranger: I turn around and-
Your conversational partner has disconnected.