It's the Tuesday before Valentine's Day, which means you only have six days to convince your girlfriend that you’ve been thinking about this occasion since the day you met. Luckily, I'm here with a day-by-day breakdown of what you should be doing.

A La Car: If you’re planning on driving to dinner, tidy up your car today.  I know it’s hard to part with the 800 McDonald’s napkins floating around your front seat, but your girlfriend will appreciate the effort.  Besides, you can always stash them in the trunk with your inexplicable collection of umbrellas and reunite with them later.

I Would Dry For You:  If you’re planning on wearing a button-down shirt to dinner, today’s the last day you can drop it at the dry cleaners.  Make sure to point out any particularly brutal stains so they can spot treat them.  If your shirt is heavily patterned so that you can’t really see the stains, don’t worry.  You’ll need to throw that shirt away anyway, because it sounds super ugly.