It's the Friday before Valentine's Day, which means you only have three days (and one business day!) left before your girlfriend decides whether or not to dump you. Luckily, I'm here with a day-by-day breakdown of what you should be doing.

Cup of Flowers: If you’re planning on ordering some flowers, today’s the day to do it.  1-800-Flowers mostly offers same-day delivery, and this way they’ll be nice and fresh.  If your girl likes roses, go for it, but I personally think they’re way too expensive.  Tulips and wildflower mixes are both beautiful, cheaper alternatives.  Stealing flowers from your neighbor’s yard is an even cheaper alternative.

Simply The Chef:  If you’re cooking, get your ingredients today.  Meat will stay fresh refrigerated for a couple days, and that way you’ll be ready to go on Sunday.  Also, if you use some sort of food delivery option, this’ll give you two days of delivery options.  So you can work around your busy pre-Valentine’s day schedule of not doing anything.