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I am a student teacher at an elementary school near my college in a Kindergarten class. The teacher brings a lot of newspapers in everyday and puts them in the playhouse for the kids to look at. One day I was helping some of the girls color when I heard the teacher call for me to come help. I turned around and saw a group of 5 boys huddled around a group of newspapers. I walked over to see all the boys peeing on the newspaper, playing what they called "The Puppy Game". The teacher thought it would be best for me to clean it up so I could get "hands on" experience of being a teacher.
-J, University of Colorado

I used to work at a Cable company with retail stores where people could go and bitch to somebody about their problems directly.  The week I left, somebody tried to exchange a Nintendo 64 for a new digital box because "this one, it no work"…..I did it.  I kept the N64.
-Mauricio A.

I work at a gym. Today my general manager brought in a new employee. Normally this would not be a big deal. Except he filed no paperwork to get her hired. And he didn't do a background check on her and she was going to baby sit children. And she brought her kid with her to work. And he forgot to fire the girl who normally works in there. All that mess fell on my head to straighten out. A regular drone of an employee.

I work as an optician and one day a grandmother and her granddaughter came in to get their eyes tested. The grand daughter had hers tested first and once we were finished she went out of the testing room onto the shop floor where I told her to try on some different glasses. As I tested the old lady's eyes she turned to me and said "They say she's got learning difficulties but I think she's just a bit spasticated"
-John, UK

I worked at a Large grocery store for 2 years in highschool and one of the usual customers was a senile old woman that only spoke spanish. Her memory was so bad that she would forget how to get home to her house and would come to OUR store frantically ranting in spanish that she did not know how to get home…she was one of the employees neighbors so they told my manager where the senile old woman lived and i got stuck driving her home. Not just once but about ONCE A WEEK for the rest of my employment.

When I was younger I worked as a soccer ref to make some cash. One day I was the only ref for a game between 2 travel teams of 8 & 9 year olds. While I was watching one half of the field there was apparently a blatant foul on the other half of the field in which a player on the home team "body slammed" a player from the away team. I didn't see it, and thus couldn't call a foul, which outraged the coach of the away team. He proceeded to yell at me for 5 minutes at the top of his lungs. On top of other things he accused me of throwing the game for the home team, and told me he would have my ref license revoked. I was 12. He was in his mid-30s. I got to keep reffing. He was sent to his car to calm down by other parents.

I work at a popular coffee shop that you may see on every corner.  I unfortunately have a million terrible stories about working there but I think the one that takes the cake is when a co-worker walked into the women's bathroom and immediately ran back out yelling: "Someone sh*t on the floor!"  Some sick person popped a squat and took a huge dump right in front of the sink. The worst part was that I had to clean it up because everyone said I had to do it because I was in Nursing School.  It's picking up poop, not rocket science.

I worked for a Fire Dept that also ran on any Medical 911 call. We had a call for an older man that needed a lift to the hospital and I was one of the first on scene. When the Ambulance got there we pulled the stretcher out and I was instructed to help the man lift his legs onto the stretcher. This man had diabetes and his legs were rotting from the outside in. I grabbed his legs to lift them up and all I heard was a crunching sound like chips. To top it off, I looked at my hands which had gloves on them and I had at least 10 maggots and some blood and puss all over my gloves. It was gross. Not to mention it smelled horrible.