Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, submit it here!

And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I just sent an email about an internship then instantly received an auto reply email that said, "I will be out of the office until 8/17/08."
anonymous anonymous

My roommate's parents had an old desktop computer. It was pretty slow and caused them a lot of grief. They finally had enough and decided to make the computer faster, so they bought a new monitor.
Kevin Shah

My father refers to headphones as "ear speakers."
Hannah B., American University

As my mom and I were having a conversation on the couch, a phone in the television show we were watching rings. Without saying a word, she quite literally leaps up to go find her phone only to realize: 1. That it was not her ringtone. 2. It was on TV. 3. Her cellphone was in her pocket.
Danielle M., FIT

My parents asked me to sign both of them up for a account. This way they could "see if they were really meant to be."
Mike And, TCNJ

My dad bought my mom a brand new Mac because she was going back to school to get her masters degree. For some reason she thought that carrying it by the screen was alright and within a month it was cracking. A month after that the disc drive broke from her sticking a fork in it to get out a stuck CD instead of using force eject like I had advised. Today my mom called me to ask if it was alright to turn off her computer during a software update. I said no, of course. Her computer crashed, and because the disc drive is broken she can't reinstall the software.
Katie P, JMU

My grandma added me on Facebook the other day. Me, my sister, and my cousins are her only friends, and we all made it so all she can see is the pictures we uploaded. She can't see anything else. Now she always complains about how lame Facebook is.
Malou Flintsch

I gave my parents my old PC when I got a laptop. My dad uses that PC and his old PC to look at two different web sites at the same time. He also uses google to find an address on one PC and uses AAA Maps on the other PC to look at the address and find directions
Justin , MU

On the first day of class, our professor was telling us about the online portion of the course. She told us to make sure we have cookies, and if we didn't we should download it. She then proceeded to Google "cookies program" to try to find us a link.
Kevin P

My 79 year old boss has some real issues replying to emails. Here is his process: 1) Prints out the incoming email, closes email program; 2) Reads the printed email message on paper; 3) Writes person's email address on a post-it note; 4) Opens email program; composes new email message (i.e. does NOT click "Reply"); 5) Looks at post-it note and types email address into the "To" field. He probably gets at least two or three emails per day that bounce back for "unknown email address" while he curses at "the daemon." At first I would tell him so he could re-send the email to the correct address, but then I realized he didn't just open the message in Sent Mail — he would compose the new message from scratch. Now I don't even tell him about the returned emails… I just log into his email account and re-send it myself. On top of all this, the subject of every email he sends is just his name.
Ben Dover

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