Shaquille O'neal's rapping career
The middleaged man who still rollerblades
Seeing other people getting pulled over by the police and loving it
Chevy Chase's performance in "Man of the House"
The sexually confused person on "The Real World"
Having the balls to fart in public, then just smiling
The Wyld Stallions
Having a bad day until you spot an unexpected mullet
Pizza Lunchables
Getting pegged somewhere
Lee Greenwood's love for America
Using a magic eightball to make serious life decisions
Being older than 20 but still really wanting a treehouse
Celine Dion's high notes
Being able to watch women's volleyball without popping a boner
Seeing a guy who still wears a visor and puka shells and thinks that they are still, if ever cool
30 year old actors playing high school freshmen
Knowing how to spell without spell check
Actually seeing someone slip and fall on a banana peel
Kids who try to jump off their garage with an umbrella
Knowing over 20 Nicolas Cage movies off the top of your head
The Space Jam soundtrack
Seeing someone in the car next to you picking their nose and then they realize you're looking at them.