Pokémon, the revolutionary game of the 90's, and still going strong into the 2000's with games such as leaf green and fire red. Yes, yes, we all know that the original blue yellow and red were the best, with silver and gold not being too bad, while the ones made after that were really pushing it. We all loved the original 150, but that doesn't mean that there weren't any problems with it. Now I'm not talking about not being able to run or bike, or the random and strange pokémon you could get with the gameshark. No, I'm talking about things much bigger, such as the governing systems and jobs in Kanto or Hoenn or wherever.

Pokémon centers, who pays for all that machinery? Who pays Nurse Joy? I want some answers here. I mean, where's any sign of government in the whole place? It seems pretty rediculous that pokémon are allowed to just run around in the grass and attack people. You would think that the government would do something about this. But no, it appears that in pokémon, there IS NO GOVERNMENT! Now, for those playing the game, it might seem all fun and games "Oh, hey I can go and kill all these animals and no one is here to stop me," but is this really right? Teaching the children of our generation to have one purpose in life, killing and capturing animals. Sounds like a game Michael Vick would play.

Besides the form of government, how many jobs are really seen in pokémon? It appears that you can be a gym leader, a nurse, a scientist (whom all of have the same stereotypical glasses and nerdy haircut) or someone waiting around for trainers to come and then hand out money when they've lost a battle. Speaking of which where's that money come from? Dishing out $5,000 off of one battle? There's some fishy stuff going on in those games.

Now I know you diehard pokémon fans "Of coarse it doesn't make sense, that's the beauty of the pokémon games!". Yeah? Well shut up. Nintendo isn't doing a good enough job of explaining the economic or any social factors of the pokémon world, and they shouldn't be doing a good enough job for you either. Asshole.

People can tell me all they want that it's ok that the pokémon economy doesn't have to work, but I will never give in to their foolish shenanigans. I shall rebel against Nintendo and harass them until they give me some
                                hard      core     answers.

Join me, and look for the truth in the pokémon world.