Well I thought to myself why not write an article for college humor.  Alot of funny shit happens in a teenagers life so why not document it. I guess for this first article I could just tell a couple stories.  I mean the day to day at school is pretty bring but every once in a while things can be remotely entertaining. For example heres a story from my sophmore year. It was english class and I had Mr.Murphy. He is the most irish man I have ever met. Like straight out of a lucky charms box irish(no offense of course). Well in my school there is a kid named Robert. I could probably write a whole article on him alone but Ill try and condense it.  So he talks with an inquisitiveness but not as if he is curious but because he actually doesnt know anything.  In class he raises his hadn ever two seconds just so he can repeat ehat the teacher said along with soem other convoluted bs. Heres an example "soo uhh if  thomas jefferson didn't make the declaration we ould be owned by the british right?" that may not seem funny but may I add we were learning about the cold war. A mere 200 years later.  But I must give him credit for trying because I have never seen one person try so hard to gain my friendship.  If only he had some social skills.  Everyday he asks me the same three questions and I promise this is true.  "oh man did you do that homework last nite it was so hard?" He asks me this when there is no homework on vacation calls me with homework questions that were never assigned. Also in the hall he always asks if I have next period with him even though very calmly I tell him that it is 6 months in the year and my schedule has nto changed so no I do not have that class with you. But im digressing; back to the event in question.  Aside from the questions he didn't talk much so I never expected what happened next.  We were discussing A tale of two cities and I noted that Sydney was a martyr and when Mr.Murphy asked what a martyr was the kid who ansered mentioned that Jesus was one for example.  Worst mistake of his life.  Robert jumped out of his chair (Mustache and all) and flipped out on the kid and said that the devil would get him one day. I wasnt sure whether to be scared find it funny.  Rober then sat back down and gave him the death stare for the rest of period.  Mr. Murphy was behind his desk and Ive never seen a man more frightened.  He must have been shitting skittles or something. I was gonna tell another but this one seems perfectly long enough so I willl end it here.