The typical college guy doesn’t require much as they have only three areas of concern. Sexual, Social & School. For sexual they require an outlet of fulfilment, for social it’s enough interaction to not be a loner, and for school it’s the knowledge to pass. Using only three websites the internet can provide college guys with all these things, and this is how the sites appear when they view them.


Unless you want to go out and find a drunk chick who’s willing to lower her standards in the heat of the moment and hook up with you four or five times a day… is essential for any college guy.

Social Interaction

There’s two easy ways to deal with people in this world, drunk and online, and at college they’re only ways you use. When you’re not drinking but want to get a hold of the people you drink with in order to make plans to drink later, allows you to do this any awkward sober face to face time.


When it does come time to actually do school work, you need to get your knowledge from somewhere, and it’s definitely not going to be that big weird book you got at the beginning of the year. Instead turn to, but make sure you follow the strict rule of thumb when using the search engine! No matter the circumstance never waste time clicking past the first two links, nothing else of importance is left or it clearly would have been ranked higher.