Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I went to the theater last night to see Avatar. During the 3D previews they played the Alice In Wonderland trailer. At the end of the trailer I could hear the old woman behind me tell her group, "Wow, that looks good. We better save our 3D glasses for that one."

cameron tylek

My dad cannot keep the names straight of any current actor or movie for the life of him. The other day, he claimed the following: "I'm the first one who realized that the pretty girl from 'Saving Sarah Silverman' was the same one from 'Let's All Go to the 70s.'" He was talking about Mila Kunis.
Chloe E

My Xbox broke, (red ring of death) and because I bought it on Amazon i couldn't send it in for repair. My mom kept mentioning a store that I could go to that would fix it, and I got my hopes up. She said to ask my dad what it was because she couldn't remember the name. Turns out it was the Apple store.
Philip Host

My dad finds it impossible to highlight the url and copy it, when looking at a website. Solution: call his son up to email him the url where he can copy it with absolutely no problems whatsoever. If someone can make sense of it, please explain it to me.
N j

My parents and I are traveling in Australia for my father's sabbatical. At our hotel in Sydney, the internet was quite slow. My dad, in his infinite wisdom, deduced that the reason it took his emails a while to send was because the internet was sending his emails to our house in the U.S., back to Australia, and then to whomever the intended recipient was. When he told my mother this theory, she nodded in agreement.
Louisa D.

My English professor shows us famous speeches occasionally by using youtube. He goes to Yahoo (who still searches through Yahoo anyway?), and types in "(name of speech), youtube, video." When the results come up, he clicks the play on the video while still on Yahoo's page. He then clicks something to make it open in a new window. Then, he clicks yet another button to open fullscreen in a new window. So, there are 3 speeches playing with the audio 15 seconds apart. Every. Single. Time.

During many weekends, my only time to sleep in, my mother will send me a text before 8 in the morning. When I respond to her with a text or phone call, she is always so proud to tell me that she text-messaged me, instead of calling, so she wouldn't wake me up.
Brady B.

My mom doesn't understand how her iPod can have a clock because it's not connected to the internet and "isn't even clockwork."
josh Dorrington, Windsor Boys' UK

My dad just asked me to download a song for him by saying "Hey put up LimeTunes for me."
Cody J, UF

My mother thinks that if she minimizes her window while using Skype that the other person can no longer see her because she can't see them.
Meg Taylor, UVic

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