[Brian is waking up on the couch]

Brian: Oh no, it's almost 6:00 PM! Lindsey is gonna' be calling soon.

phone rings

Brian's Brain: That was pretty quick. All right Brian calm yourself…you and first dates don't have a good history and you're always incredibly nervous. Remember when you puked on that girl because you were so excited to get her number. Actually wait,  don't remember that. Be suave.

Brian: Hey, babygirl. Whats up?

Brian's Brain: Really? Did you just say that? Wow.

Lindsey: Hey, Brian! So I know you said we could go to the movies, but they're having a discount ice skating night down at Blades of Steel. Do you want to do that instead? I love to skate!

Brian's Brain: No, no, no, no. You have no idea how to skate, and you don't want to look like an idiot. She is pretty hot though. No, Brian. Lets keep thinking.

Brian: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sure. I'll come pick you up.

Brian's Brain: GAHHHHH! You're going to suck!

Lindsey: Great, it should be a lot of fun. See you soon.

[They arrived at the rink, and are getting skates]

Brian: You really do look great tonight and…..oh, you have your own skates?

Lindsey: Yeah, I told you I love to skate. I've been ice skating since I was 6. Sorry, I didn't know you didn't have skates. I could of brought you a pair of my brother's.

Brian: No, no, no that's all right. I actually skate too you know…

Brian's Brain: What the hell are you doing!? I can't believe you just said that! Ahh, wait. Common interests. Nice.

Brian: Nice.

Lindsey: What's nice?

Brian: Oh, these rentals, they're nice. I mean look at them. Only half the skate is rusted, and..$25 TO RENT! Dear God! I thought it was discount night?

Clerk: It is. For skating. Not renting equipment.

Lindsey: We can go someplace else if you want.

Brian: Ummm…. No, $25 to rent skates is no sweat. I work a nice job on top of taking classes.

Brian's Brain: LIAR! This takes a huge dent out of your delivery tips.

[They get on the ice and begin to skate amidst a mass of people]

Brian: Wow, I guess I should of guessed it would be this packed on discount night..and WOAH, OH SHI-!

[Brian slips and falls]

Lindsey: Haha. Oh Brian, are you OK? 

Brian's Brain: All right man, it's cool, she thinks it was funny.

Lindsey: I thought you said you skated before?

Brian: I do, all the time. I do tricks and stuff. It must be these rentals, you know?

Lindsey: Tricks, huh? Here, hold my hands.

Brian's Brain: Jackpot.

[They begin spinning]

Lindsey: Haha, See Brian isn't this fun? Here try and go a little bit faste-AHHHHH!

Brian: Lindsey!

Brian's Brain: No. You did not just throw her.

Intercom: RED ICE!! RED ICE!!