Have you ever had that one sensitive friend? Everyones had him, yes the one that gulps a lot and has a swelled up adams apple. I have successfully composited a list of the types and classifications of the sensitive and or nervous friend.

THE NERVOUS FRIEND: The friend who when suspects is being made fun of or joked with tries to pass off the insufferable awkwardness by fidgeting with his sweater vest. Usually prone to pubescent voice cracks nervous frantic gazes.

THE ASSHOLE FRIEND: This friend when faced with any mockery or reasons to be sensitive plays it off with loud speaking and completely irrelevant "your mom" and "thats what she said jokes". Prone to wearing douche bag-ish clothing with rhinestones, glitter yet somehow not gay V neck attire. ALL ED HARDY ATTIRE INCLUDED.

THE ONE WORD/PHRASE FRIEND: This friend when faced with any contradiction or mockery usually takes to repeatedly saying "wowwww" or "are you serious right now?". This friend will usually observe the ceiling when repeatedly chanting these phrases. Rolling eyes may occur.