Sequels are films made to continue the story of a film, sometimes this makes sense and other times it does not make any sense. Specially when the sequel has nothing to do with the first film. 

This could have been the result if the studio could have it their way.

Just the facts

1. sequels are made when it is profitable to do so.

2. If a film studio does not have the right to make a sequel to a profitable film, they must wait for the owner to go bankrupt or sellout.

3. Some sequels are better the the original film, when this happens fanboys of the original will deny this for as long as they live.

To sequel or not to sequel?

People get excited about sequels, some get angry. It is great to get more of the characters you love, and to see what happened after the
first film ended. than when you learn the film will have none of the same actors, characters or locations, you might get angry.

Some films stand alone, and there is no need to make any sequels, one reason might be that most of the characters from the first
movie died in the end of said movie. This of cause makes it logical for the sister/borher or often cousin to step in and take over the
search/quest for what ever they pretty much fixed or found in the first one.

If you make a movie about a hero, may it be super, cop ex-marine or cyborg. there will be lots of action in his life, and room to make many 
movies about this. If you have a movie about some random regular person being thrown into and action adventure, it´s not rely likely that they 
end up in a situation like that again, like sandra bullocks character from Speed, what are the odds?  

I am personally a fan of sequels, and if they make a bad one, it does not take from the original one. that film will still be great. However, you might 
get bummed out by the character you rooted for the whole first movie overcoming all odds to survive, die in the first minutes of the sequel.
Here the Hostel films comes to mind, I actually saw the second one first, and when I saw the first one I recognized the main character to be the guy who died in the opening minutes of hostel 2. 

Sometimes it depends on the source material, is it a book, short story, comic or an original screenplay? But the one thing you can be sure of is that if there is money to made there are sequels to be made. Sometimes the actors won´t come back. and you have to wait for the actors fame to fade or his debts to grow for a new film in the series.

The Butterfly effect

Sequels made? Yes – unfortunately, 2 direct to dvd

Necessary? Not at all, the original and fascinating story of a man that can go back into his own history only to be baffled by the changes he make, and try to rectify. No need to tell the tale of more people that can do the same thing. I saw the film on Dvd with the special edition ending. I am glad I did not see the version where he lived first. Nice ending. I have not seen the sequels, but the back of the cover said enough  for me not to watch them.

The Crow

Sequels made? Yes – 4 of them for some strange reason.

The story is simple, bad guys kill nice guy and wife. good guy reborn as supernatural creature, kills bad guys. Is there any need to redo this over and over with slight variations in story with new characters every time? No not at all.


Sequels made? Yes – one(for now)

3 scientists team up to fight ghosts, ad a forth guy and get blasting with the proton beams. The sequel take place sometime after the first, and it´s nice to see what has happened to the gang. I would like one more with the old team before we go into ghostbuster academy movies, but I guess they are getting old, but the better have more than cameos in the new one, where sexy young chicks take over, there will be some teen heartthrob guys to I assume.

Hot Ghostbuster chicks? I would watch that…


Sequels made? No

Most fanboys cringe when they hear talk of a sequel to watchmen, it´s a one of a kind story, the ending is open to sequels as some heroes survive, but the point have been made and there is no need to continue story. 

Lethal weapon

Sequels made? Yes 3 films for cinema

It´s a cop buddy movie, sure there can be sequels. but you can only say I am getting to old for this s**t so many times. some say the forth was one to many, I say its was Ok. Some say the only reason Mel Gibson made that one was so Danny Glover would get a to make more movies, as his career was not going great at the time.

Die hard

Sequels made? Yes 3 for cinema

This is a cop that ends up in a crazy action adventure by chance story. would it happen more than once? maybe but 3 more times? its a bit of a stretch, but we love bruce willis and the yippie ki yay M****F***R. the third one has the brother of the first villain making it personal with McClane so it makes sense, if they make another one there aught to be a good reason he ends up in it.


Sequels made? Not yet

The films is not out yet, however they put allot of money in it, so it makes sense to milk it as long as they can. It´s a film about humans killing pretty blue humanoid cat creatures on a far away planet. I guess it depends on the end of the film what will happen. If the blue ones live, you could have other races attack them in the sequel. if they are wiped out, you have the humans do the same to another race, not nice to do do. If the film hit it big time, there will probably be more avatar movies. If nothing else there will be a prequel cartoon for the kids about the blue cats, it will be Ewoks all over again.

Interview with the Vampire:

Sequels made? yes, 1 very bad one.

This vampire flick is based of a series of books, so it makes sense that there old be a sequel, but when Queen of the Damned came out, this was
made false. the first film with Tom cruise and Brad Pitt was a new exciting look at vampires, and if the sequel had conntinued with Tom cruise and Vampire Christian Slater driving on into the night it might have been decent. Recast of Lestat and just a strange crazy story made this a fail.


Sequels made? Yes, 1 horrible one

Speed is a film about two police officers that has to deal with a mad bomber planting a bomb on a moving bus, the bus cannot stop or slow down cause than it goes Boom. Keanu  Reeves plays Jack Traven and Jeff Daniels plays Harry temple. Temple is blown up and Traven ends up on the bus, Annie Porter played by  Sandra Bullock takes over the driving when the bus driver dies. Now it all works out in the end, and a sequel about the bombers uncle taking Annie hostage somewhere and you have a speed 2 would probably work to some degree. What does not work is Annie ending up in another speed film without Traven, she dates another cop and ends up on a cruise boat with the same problem as the bus? Naw, fail.  

Star wars IV 

Sequels made? yes, 2

Star wars IV is only the beginning, yes they blew up the death star, but the emperor and Darth Vader is still out there. The fight continues and in the end they blow up another death star, but this time they get the emperor, and Dath Vader turns good before he dies, happy happy ending for all, but wait. what about the rest of the empire, the general and governors wont they still fight and resist?  I think they could have made more movies back then, but would love for the continuation of the story to come now. In Star Wars VII we find the original cast 25 years after they blew up the second death star and new magic begins. I think It would be a mistake to recast and continue right after star wars VI. It will never happen, but still if we all wish it hard enough, maybe a miracle? 

Other related terms.

There are also things called Prequels, they happen before the first film, bud is made after the first film. Also there are  reboots of films and franchises, tweak and update story and screw over all the fanboys. Also there is this one thing – were you make a sequel in the middle of a series and just scrub the rest of the films  made, see superman returns. Also there could be an expanded universe, in Tv series and cartoons.