6 Easy steps to survive the public restrooms experience

Sometimes you must go nr.1 and that can be bad enough some places, bet the dreaded nr.2 may lurk around the corner- as you had taco`s or burritos for breakfast. You don`t wanna run home every time and be the "shitbreak" of your american pie gang. So what do you do? You prepare and take precautions when using public restrooms

1. Flush.

Just makes sense, I may look clean but you never know, and most of the time it does not look clean,
and it never is.

2. Wipe.

No no, you are getting ahead of your self, you wipe the seat not your… yea.
Someone sat there naked, you want to wipe it clean, if there are drops on the seat- try the other stalls, all that way? Always cary a wet napkin (disinfectant alcohol wipe´s are optimal- but you probably have to buy them), you get them at Kfc and other greasy eatery`s but seldom use them, alway have a few in your wallet, you will need them.

Some fancy places have disinfectant you can put on toilet paper and wipe clean, if available use that.

3. Upper grip. (this step will come later if you skip step 4)

The last person that used the toilet paper might have held the paper with his dirty hands when he tugged of what he needed. So take a grip high up on the paper and rip of the end and toss it. Now zee paper is clean!

4. Paper in bowl.

Stalls ey? at work or just uncoforlble anyway. there might be people next to you.
Silence your business with some paper in the bowl.

This is also a popular trick used by people in the begining of a relationship, where bathroom doors are thin
or if the bathroom is not far enough away from the place of the other person.

5. Handle with care.

lots of people have been in there before you, doing what you did or worse. use paper or don`t grip more than you must when opening the door. especially if you are planning on skipping step 6.

6. Wash up.

It can be awkward being in a public restroom when there are other there, but stay the course.
wash your hands  and dry them good, even if there is only a stupid air dryer there. many people
mean to wash up, but as they approach the sink someone enters and they head for the hills. these people
are the people you will meet later and have to shake hans with.

These easy to follow steps will help you true the public restroom nightmare.

Note: Other steps must be followed for public restroom sex or drug use.