My Review of Bob Mould's Show in New York City

by Elizabeth Pryce, Female High School Student

Hi.  I went to the Bob Mould concert the other night.  It was a school night but since I told my mom this was for school she let me take the comutor train to and from the city.  First off i just want to say that whoever these loooooosers are who like this kind of music need to get a life!  I mean come on!  could this guy be any older?!!!  And everyone at the concert was totally old!  It was like being with a bunch of my grandfathers.   People in their 20’s and 30’s like the most boooooring music. 

I went to see Kid Rock last week and let me tell you. . . he is the man!  Woo!  we were getting freeky that whole night!  Lisa my friend I went with knocked into some guy who spilled his drink all over me and i was like "What the hell?!  Can you just watch the music you frEak?!"  and then Lisa told me it was totalee cool and that it was her fault and that she clean my shirt for me when we got home and the guy ended up being so cool.  we ended up dancing on our chairs together.   Everyone was looking at me and saying "take it off!" and I just kept dancing and laughing at all those asshole guys in the crowd who wanted me.  I should have start dancing at the Bob Mould concert because I was bored!  Let me tell you!   Did you ever watch MTV Unplugged?  Well this guy was doing the same thing playing with only his gitarr and singing. . . but he sucked!  MTV has cool bands!  This guy had a buch of lameass songs that all sounded the same. 

Someone next to me told me how he was playing all these many different things and when I asked him if he was crazy he said something about posthooskerdoo and prehubcap.  What the hell was he talking about?!  This show sucked!!  Bob Mould must have never had sex because when I flashed him he gave me a dirty look like I was some kind of slut or something.  The only guys I have ever had sex wtih are my exboyfriend and sammy who used to come over and we’d hang out and he ended up going out with my friend Jackie.  So Bob Mould is just gay and I am not a slut!  I don’t think he has ever had a girlfriend because he only talked about stupd things in his songs.  i dindt hear what he as saying but you could tell it was stupid.  He was like my dad.  Actually my dad would be worse.  One tme my dad sang at my friend’s party and I was SO embareissed!  I wasl ike "Dad!  Come on!  Your going to embariss me in front of everyone!"   But Bob Mould was still like if someones dad sang songs at a concert.

The worst part of the show came when we all thought he was done and then he came back out for a oncore.  He sang two more songs and I thought I was never going to get to leave.  I like oncores when people like Kid Rock are having a concert but this was stupid  this was a very small concert place and you are a complete loser if you come out a second time for only a small gruop of poeple.  He didnt even say buy after the show was done. . . he just walked off.  But people still thought he was good.  God, what if I had to live forever with the people that were at that show?  I would have killed myself!

My ears still hurt so I guess he was loud.  And I kept my ticket stub so I could show the people at school that I went.  They thought I was pretty cool.  I recommend this concert to anyone who is a fan of the man who started the whole era of music that came right after hardcore punk made it's stamp on the American music scene and right before alternative music got sucked up by mainstream grunge.