Dear Students,

Hey there guys and gals hope your having a great week so far of SPRING BREAK 2010. I know that you kids just wanna sit out and relax during your break and so do I, but the History HSA are the week we get back! So being the cool vice principal that I am I found a super fun way to incorporate Spring Break with this years History High School Assessment! Man can I Haz high five! Man I bet you didnt think your vice principal Mr. Jackson was so funny did you guys? LOLZ indeed. Well I did some Snoopn' (Not the dog or the Dogg HA! Man Funny People 2: Vice Principal Jackson coming Summer 2010!) and I found some crazy slogans for Spring Break that happen to occur on the dates that are important to know for your HSA! So when your not busy watching your Avatar or tweeting about stuff read these over. I even added some funny pictures!

Man who is this new funny guy and what happened to our old mr. Jackson? Am I right guys? LOL.

1. Spring Break 1863: “Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots! (Seriously watch out because the Union is burnin' down the house(s)!)

2. Spring Break 1898: Just because it’s the Spanish American War doesn’t mean you can get crunk as sh** in Cancun!

3. Spring Break Germany 1933: Take a shower in our Money Cyclone while meeting hot locals! (Seriously take the money our economy be crazy!)

4. Spring Break Normandy 1944: Chill with all the Vichy Biddies! Drink with the puppet government!

5. Spring Break Cuba 1961: Heat Up the Cold War and Don’t Fail To Invade Dudes!

6. Spring Break LA 1992: Come and Get Your Rave on with our Police Baton Sized Glow Sticks!

7. Spring Break Skynet 2047: Tired of the Resistance? Get Drunk as Hell and Time Travel to end the Apocalypse! (Try not to Black Out and Wake up Naked in 1984!)

Also Big Shoutout to my main man Principal Johnson who reminds you to be safe and responsible! 

Note to parents: I do not condone underage drinking I'm just trying to relate to the kids naw' i'm sayin'-DJ VP Jazzy Jackson

Tha' Trillest VP Eva,

Charles Jackson