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I work at a hotel setting up banquet rooms for special events. All the banquet rooms are named after area sports teams, so one of the rooms is called "Huskies." We we setting up Huskies room for a special event one night and had everything set when the event organizer came in and demanded that we set up their event in a different room. Turns out the event was for a Weight Watchers group and they were offended that they were in the Huskies room, so we had to do all our work over again in a different room.

My story was posted on your website.  My boss saw it.  I was fired.

A few years ago I worked at a gas station that shared a dumpster with a restaurant. A long time customer drives in, gets gas, chats with the owner then leaves. About two hours later, she calls and says that she threw her wallet away and that we should fish it out of the trash can. Only thing is the trash was emptied into the dumpster at this point. The owner tells me to go into the dumpster for his friends wallet. I spent an hour knee deep in rotting meat and vegetables from the restaurant only to have my boss tell me that the customer called and found her wallet in her coat pocket. I still had an hour to work and I couldn’t clean up or go home early.

I work at a pizzeria and one day I answered the phone and started taking an order for a customer.  In the process, she made a grunting sound and I heard two loud plops and a splash. There was a pause and she began to finish her order while she was obviously peeing. She then flushed the toilet and said she didn't want to order anymore and hung up.
-Nate M.

Over the summer, I worked at a hotel as a housekeeper. I was still being trained on my second day, so I would follow around another worker and watch her clean the bathroom, make the beds, stuff like that. While we were on break, we were around back with a few other people I worked with. She was telling us how a cyst on her boob had burst. When we went back to cleaning and she showed me. She lifted up her shirt so I could see her saggy tit. I had to work with her the rest of the day.

I use to work at this store that has since closed down as a salesman. Every once in a while we had two guys that would "come down from the mountain" to our store for parts. They looked like they were pulled straight from Deliverance with the dirty overalls and a couple of green teeth. Well they liked to talk as close to you as possible face to face. We wouldn't have cared about that but there was a reason they only had three teeth and that was because it smelled like they brushed with sh*t. Smells don't really bother me but as soon as he walked up to me, opened his mouth and said 'Hi' I immediately walked through the back door and vomited all over the floor. After having to clean that up, I had to go back and sell him his parts. Needless to say every time they came into the store after that I would hide somewhere so I didn't have to talk to them.

In order for the kids to swim in the deep end we were supposed to give them a swim test, but being lazy we'd just ask them if they knew how. One time, a guard asked a little girl what strokes she knew. The little girl replied, "Bitch, I know how to swim doggy-style"