I'm a college student in Singapore. Or as we call it, a polytechnic student. Well the closest thing to college, or what is the American version college, is the polytechnic.

Lets look at the three similarities between college and polytechnic. We both end up with diplomas, we're around 18 anyways and we all like to party.

Now lets look at the differences. Firstly there is the culture. Here in Singapore we're not exactly a sports oriented culture when it comes to college. We have college sports but its not as wide and big like UCLA or the college football. We don't have any big nation-wide sports tournament for college students unlike America. I know we'll be hosting the Youth Olympic Games this year. Doesn't change the fact we don't have a sports tournament that's big enough to give us a chance to play sports for the rest of our lives.

Next up on the plate, we here in Singapore don't have dorms in our polytechnics. Ok I'm not sure about the rest of the colleges in singapore but I'm sure enough that in my school the only people that really stay in school are lecturers and students from other countries who don't have any where to stay. There are pros and cons to this situation. I get to see my mom everyday and yes the cons are the fact I have to see my mom everyday. Its not a bad thing, don't get me wrong. I love my mom but there are times I wish I could be more independent and live on my own. Hey but think of it this way, I don't have to face any problems of a roommate who snores too much right?

Finally, there is the thing about fraternities. We don't really have fraternities in our polytechnic which well like I've already said have no dorms. Forgive me if I'm wrong, because we don't have fraternities I don't really understand the fraternities system in America but I'm sure as hell we don't have any frat boys here in Singapore.

And there you have it, these are the three differences that I know of between Singaporean Polytechnics and American Colleges.