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I had a nice little chat with a very kind lady pharmacist last week and I found out that she's the mother of the girl I just started dating.  I wish I would have known that before I bought my prescription antiperspirant.
-Pat, Kent State

Every Valentines' Day our school gives out questionnaires to fill out to get your "match." My best friend had to have a 5 hour long talk with his current girlfriend because he got his ex-girlfriend from middle school as his number one for the second year in a row.


Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a long time so we have a lot of inside couple jokes and things like that. Well one of these is that we like to meow at each other (weird I know). One day my Dad calls her but it just comes up as my home phone number with my name so she thinks it is me. She answers the phone and just meows at my dad. She was quite surprised when it was not me on the phone. I have yet to let her live this down.
-Brandon, Slippery Rock

Me and my girlfriend were watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics last week when the country Belgium comes walking by and my girlfriend says, "Ah man we missed America.”


So I just started seeing this girl and she invited me back to her apartment for the first time after a night at a bar. She was one of those animal rights / PETA types of girls and I was getting tired of hearing about it, but she was very attractive so I was willing to look past that for a casual hook up. When we got back to her apartment, she went to the bathroom while I went to her bed and felt how nice her comforter was. When she came back in, I asked her "What kind of comforter is this, down?" and she said "yes, my parents got it for me for Christmas." I then told her, "You know, real down comforters are made from goose feathers, right?" Long story short, the night ended with her trying to bury the comforter in the landscaping outside of her apartment while crying.



My sophomore year at college I was working at a local best buy and started dating one of the few attractive girls who worked there. We hit it off pretty well, and went on a handful of dates, and then one day she just stopped talking to me. I knew that she had had a crush on one of the other guys who worked at the store, and I knew that he had recently gotten dumped, so I figured out that they had started dating. A few weeks later I started dating a different girl, and she told me a story about how when she was a senior in highschool, her boyfriend got her pregnant, had her move in with him, dumped her, started dating someone else, convinced her to give up the kid for adoption, and put her down all the time, all while she was pregnant. That guy, and the guy I got dumped for? SAME PERSON.



So as a freshman in college, I was invited to go on a blind date sort of dance with a random athlete.  I had heard good things about this dance so I agreed, and my date and I really hit it off.  We DFMO'd (Dance Floor Make Out) and then I asked him to walk me back to my room with not such subtle implications of what I really wanted him to do.  We get inside my room, and there's an awkward pause, so I offer him a granola bar to break the silence.  He concentrates hard for a moment, weighing his options then accepts the granola bar, says see you later, and leaves.  Not only did I sleep alone that night, but he told his friends the story, and instead of him being embarrassed at how he dropped the ball, I'm the one who is known as "granola girl" throughout the school.  I don't understand.
-Granola Girl, Small Liberal Arts School


In my first year in highschool i started dating this girl who was pretty open to anything except sex.  One day she came over and as we were laying on my bed naked taking turns going down on each other.   I kept hearing little noises but since I didn’t want to ruin the mood I ignored it. My bed is underneath a window that looks into my brother’s room, since we added his room onto the house after mine was already an exterior wall. Out of nowhere she stopped, got up and opened the blinds to see my little brother and his friend looking through the window at us.  She got up, left and broke up with me the next day.