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Last week I got a random text message from a number I didn't recognize. It said "I know u r hard at work. I am going 2 lie down i wish u were next 2 me." I was with my girlfriend at the time, and she flipped out on me. We call the number and it turned out to be my boss (who is a guy by the way). He had no idea. He meant to send it to his girlfriend. He has a wife.

I have a degree in Economics.  Last week I spent 5 hours rearranging toothbrushes at a grocery store.

I work at a particularly popular nightspot down in Australia. We have so many people who believe they deserve special treatment because they "know the owner" (Hey so do I! I work for him) that our new uniform includes a  T-shirt that says "I also know the owner". Incidentally, I got told soon after the uniforms came in that a customer deserved special treatment as he was "real good mates with the manager, Vince." Not only is that me, my shirt has my name on it.

I work at a hemorrhoids help line.

I'm a cop. The other day a local landlord called to report a death threat. I went to take the report and it seems one of his tenants wrote "I'm going to kill my landlord" on their facebook. Clearly he didn't take the threat seriously and calling us was just a way to get back at the tenant. As is standard, I asked if there had been any friction or issues between them lately. Apparently the landlord had removed a hammock the tenant had put up on the porch of the building, claiming that it would damage the structure. After finishing with the landlord, I went to talk to the tenant. The tenant answered the door and I said "So you threatened to kill your landlord, huh?" Without missing a beat he pointed to the WROUGHT IRON porch supports and said "Wouldn't you?" Yes. Yes I would.  

I work for a large company that takes customer complaints for fast food restaurants and grocery stores.  Have a problem with your chicken or Big Mac and called the 1-800 number?  You probably talked to me.  I am one of about 30 people that listens to people literally scream and bitch about napkins, condiments, dry chicken, raw burgers, etc, everyday, 8 hours a day.  The pay sucks.  People scream.

I used to umpire little leagure girls softball. Not very difficult, I know, but you would be shocked by how the parents and coaches acted. During one of my first games, a father/coach stormed the feild and screamed at me for 10 minutes about how I had missed one girl stealing second when she shouldn't have been. Even when I started crying( I was 13) he didn't let up. Eventually he was escorted from the field by other parents and I was given a raise and a box of pizza.
-Allison T.

I got my first job when I was 15 years old and it was a Cold Stone Creamery. It was the best/worst place to work for your first job. I worked with one of the craziest guys ever. When it was his time to go back to college after the summer was over, he wanted to go out with a bang. So after all the cleaning was done,  after the stone (where all the ice cream is mixed) was sanitized for the night. He preceded to take a piss all over the stone while yelling "stickin it to the man!". Then turned the stone on and his piss froze all over ther cold stone. The person working unknowily mixed ice cream on a piss covered stone.